Tomy Drissi Grinds Out A Top-10 Finish Taking 7th at Homestead-Miami Speedway

Going toe-to-toe with a challenges all weekend, Tomy Drissi, driving the No. 8 Tony Ave prepped Ghost In The Shell Corvette, kept his eye on the 2017 Championship at the TransAm Series Presented by Pirelli weekend at Homestead-Miami Speedway.

Losing a motor in practice, the team quickly had the bad bullet out and a new bullet in… just in time for qualifying. Tomy was able to get just enough out of the car to put on the grid and start the race 7th. But there was still work to do. With the crew sorting through some clutch issues overnight, Tomy did some early morning hardship laps on race day, hoping the car would settle in.

“This was a tough weekend,” smiled Drissi. “You have these. And, even though you shrug it off with ‘that’s racing…,’ you still need to get back out there and keep it in the mix. We’re not just racing… our goal is a championship. We’re championship racing. So you can’t let a day like today beat you. We’re only a couple of races into the season and we’re after all the points we can get.”

“The guys worked really hard… again,” Tomy added. “I can’t say enough about their commitment. They had the car pretty close by Sunday. I thought we had enough car to put ourselves in the hunt… and really, we did. Unfortunately early in the race… I think around lap four, I got sandwiched in and wound up locking up my brakes. We picked up some flat spots on the tires and the vibration was pretty significant.”

“With so much race remaining, we decided to come in on lap 10 and take on two tires,” Tomy added. “It’s tough knowing you’ve got to go back out there and drive hard without a real shot at the winner’s circle… but we want all the points available to us, and so, it was the right call. And, we managed to drive it back up to 7th… exactly where we qualified, so I’m pretty proud of my team! We’ll get ‘em next time. I’m going to go hang out with my wife and babies.”

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