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Tomy Drissi Announces Run for the 2017 TransAm Series Championship

Teaming up with Ave Motorsports, Tomy Drissi announced today he will campaign the full 13 race season of the 2017 TransAm Series road racing championships. Drissi, winner of the 2009 TransAm Championship is excited about the Series and teaming up with Ave.

“I can’t wait to get back in a TransAm car,” said Tomy. “These are the baddest, fastest, most powerful cars anywhere. Once you’ve driven one of these cars, you’re hooked for life. There’s truly nothing else like it.”

“The opportunity to team up with Tony and his guys was a huge part of my decision,” added Tomy. “Plus, the Series, under John Clagett, has grown leaps and bounds. It’s great racing with a great schedule… and we’re going to have a great car. I haven’t felt this motivated in quite sometime.”

"When TransAm made the announcement that the series was expanding to a 13 race championship,” said Tony Ave, “as well as adding a 4 race West Coast championship, we decided it was necessary to sign a driver that could handle the vast diversity of racetracks. I’m confident Tomy can meet the demands not only of winning races, but also help our team develop further, both technically and from a marketing standpoint.”

“We worked hard to convince Tomy to drive for us and focus on TransAm,” added Ave, “despite his many opportunities in NASCAR and IMSA. The team is very excited to have a former, and hopefully future, TransAm champion. It’s a very exciting time of growth for the TransAm series."

Tomy will kick off his season at Sebring, March 2nd - 5th. He will be driving the No. 8 Corvette featuring Ghost in the Shell, opening March 31.

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